Frequently asked questions

easyPet.net is a member of the easy family of brands but it only offers transportation of pets by roads using dedicated road vehicles. There are no scheduled passenger flights that carry pets in the cabin in and out of the UK

The road trip between London and the French Riviera takes approximately 24 hours. Normally departing around lunchtime on a Monday from London and arriving in Monaco on Tuesday lunchtime with the return trip departing Wednesday from Monaco and arriving in London on Thursday.
Unfortunately not. Our vehicles are converted and licensed to carry only pets. And no passengers.
Our couriers (drivers) stop frequently to exercise our canine passengers. Approximately every 3-4 hours.
each easyPet journey carries one driver per vehicle each way.
The journey is non-stop (Other than the rest stops for drivers and pets comfort of no more than half an hour each) without an overnight stay and therefore the driver with the vehicle constantly monitor the pets.
There is a possibility that both cats and dogs could be travelling on the same date. Our vehicles are spacious enough to ensure that canines and felines are segregated.
It would be unfair on the pets travelling if we were to prolong their journey by stopping off at individual addresses too often. We have various meeting/collection points en route both in the UK and in France provided they are not a major deviation from the fastest rout. If you require a more custom door-to-door service from France to the UK we would be happy to price a journey to your specification and give you a quote.
Please note that we no longer accept card payment via VISA or MasterCard. easyPet will raise an invoice for payment to be made via bank transfer. For further payment details, please contact Ms. Trudie Porter, available on 07903 515 878 or at info@easypet.net.

We advise booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
We carry a maximum of 5 pets per trip.

We will always endeavour to accommodate any changes at no extra cost provided they fit our scheduled departures.
Please note that easyPet do not offer refunds in the event of a cancellation.

The price to transport a single pet one-way between London & The south of France, or The South of France and London is £699. Prices including VAT and are subject to availability.

Like easyJet, we will be charging less during the off-peak months and perhaps a bit more for the busy months of the summer. Prices include VAT.

* Prices stated are subject to availability.
easyPet® is part of the easy® family of brands. For more information please visit easy.com and easyHistory.info.